Sd Kfz 251 Transport (x5 plastic halftracks)

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Includes five plastic Sd Kfz 251 Half-tracks, four plastic crew sprues, one Decal sheet and eight Unit cards.

Panzergrenadiers were able to support the tanks using armoured Sd Kfz 251 half-tracks or trucks. The armoured half-tracks allowed them to drive onto the battlefield and get in much closer to the action before dismounting.

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The Sd Kfz 251/1C half-track served its passengers admirably during Germany’s early blitzkrieg campaigns in 1941. Its armour is bullet-proof, allowing them to get in close and support the tanks with infantry assault power.

Far from just a troop transport, the Sd Fkz 251 could be fitted with a 3.7cm gun, a 7.5cm gun, or an 8cm mortar, making it a versatile platform from which a variety of weapons could be used.

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Dimensiones 21.50 × 15.00 × 4.00 cm