Panzer II F

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The Panzerkampfwagen II (Sd Kfz 121) was the last standard production model of the Panzer II series. Initially planned to be produced in 1940 design delays set manufacture back until March 1941.

The Panzer II F saw several improvements over the Ausf C. The front armour was improved to 30mm, with 35mm on the hull and the sides and rear standardised to 15mm. The turret front armour was also up graded to 30mm. The hull and superstructure armour was also made of one plate improving the overall integrity of the armour.

An eight-periscope cupola was fitted with a one-piece hatch opening to the side; these had been retrofitted to earlier models but now came standard with the Panzer II F.

A total 524 were produced between March 1941 and December 1942, but many more hulls were produced but these were used for production of the Marder II mounting the 7.5cm PaK40 gun.

All production of the Panzer II was ordered to be switched to the Marder II in August 1942, but FAMO still managed to produce the last 15 Panzer II Fs in December of that year.

The extra armour increased the weight of the Panzer II F to 9.5 tons (from the 8.5 tons of the Panzer II C).

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