Hit The Beach

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Hit the Beach is the ultimate starter set and contains a Complete A5 Rulebook, as well as an German and American Starter Army.

Hit The Beach! Contains everything you need to start collecting and playing Flames Of War, including two full armies for the Americans and the Germans.

Painting and playing games with Hit The Beach! miniatures should help you decide where to go next in the Flames Of War hobby, and give you a good base to start from to expand your armies.

Hit The Beach includes:

  • Five plastic Sherman (75mm) tanks

  • Three plastic Sherman (76mm) tanks

  • One Parachute Rifle Platoon (32 figures)

  • One Panzergrenadier HQ (6 figures)

  • Two Panzergrenadier platoons (58 figures)

  • Three plastic Panzer IV tanks

  • Two Plastic 7.5cm Anti-tank guns and Crew

  • One tank Commander sprue

  • One mini 4th Flames Of War rulebook

  • One printed Quick Start Guide

  • One plastic V1 Flying Bomb terrain feature

  • Twenty Dice

  • Sixteen Unit cards.