CHYF: Acosadores de Lanza del Sol

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Caja de expansión para la Casa Martell, del wargame Canción de hielo y fuego

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Sunspear Dervishes raise House Martell’s doctrine of high mobility to a fine art. Their training allows them to rapidly engage, strike hard, and just as rapidly disengage to either prep for another run or choose a more opportune target. Enemies so besieged are often so rattled by the spinning, whirling dance of blades that their own response is badly hampered. While Dervishes can hold in a melee for a time, they’re best kept on-the-move or working together with other Martell units to wear down a particularly determined foe.

13 Miniatures, 1 Dervish Captain, 1 Sunspear Dervishes Bannerman, 11 Sunspear Dervishes, 1 Unit Card, 1 Attachment Card, 1 Movement Tray

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Casa Martell

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