Ángeles Oscuros – Tarjetas de datos (inglés)

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20 handy Dark Angels reference cards to make your rules easier to access

Helps you focus on your game and look good doing it, with gold foil edges

Includes special cards for use in Combat Patrol games

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No matter the foe or the odds, the proud warriors of the Dark Angels and their successor Chapters stubbornly refuse to accept defeat. Descendants of the First Legion, they stand foremost amongst the Space Marine Chapters.

This set of 20 cards will help you keep track of your Dark Angels in-game, with individual datasheets for each unit, detailing their profiles, wargear, options, and special abilities. You’ll also find four reference cards for playing with your Dark Angels in Combat Patrol games.

– 16x Dark Angels

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Marines Espaciales

Ángeles Oscuros